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item Industrietechnik


item Industrietechnik GmbH
Friedenstraße 107-109
42699 Solingen
+49 212 65800
+49 212 6580310

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About us

item is the pioneer in building kit systems for industrial applications and a global market leader. It has been designing and marketing construction solutions for machinery, fixtures and plants since 1976. Today, the item product portfolio comprises more than 3,000 high-quality components designed for use in machine bases, work benches, automation solutions and lean production applications.

Although originally developed for mechanical engineering applications, the principle of using aluminium profiles and screw connections instead of welded steel struts was quickly adopted by users in other areas, too. Today, alongside the MB Building Kit System, item also supplies solutions for ergonomic work benches and the D30 profile tube system for lean production. Thanks to the inclusion of transport solutions and dynamic elements, the company’s products can cover virtually all working processes, from manual production to automated manufacturing. Line XMS offers functional machine frames that are also ideally suited to series production and the company supplies sturdy stairways and platforms for use with large machinery and facilities.

Machinery and factory equipment built from aluminium profiles are used across all sectors, from machinery and racks in the automotive industry to cleanroom solutions in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. Dynamic elements from item can be found in both harsh environments where they are exposed to dust and water and in high-precision applications, such as the manufacture of electronic components. The building kit systems are used to erect enclosures, housings, transport trolleys, Kanban stores, conveyor lines and networked workstations. The manual work benches can be easily fitted with systems for material logistics applications, data and information provision and ergonomic tool storage.

The engineers at our development headquarters in Solingen, Germany, are committed to ensuring our customers always have the very latest, cutting-edge components at their disposal. Because item designs all its products in-house, you can rest assured that every component carrying the item name is an original. item has also won numerous design awards for its innovative solutions.

Development work is conducted in close collaboration with users, whose feedback and project experience is continuously incorporated into the design of new products. Throughout its development work, item ensures that all its product lines are mutually compatible, so that customers can benefit from their investment over the long term and so that systems can be extended.

item Industrietechnik GmbH is headquartered in Solingen and has 10 subsidiaries and support centres throughout Germany that ensure it is always close to customers in its home country. The group also has wholly owned subsidiaries in the USA, China, Italy, Poland, Japan and Switzerland.
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