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ITEM Technologies


Via Bernocchi 8
25069 Villa Carcina
0039 (0)30/8900244

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Additive Manufacturing
Machines and systems for additive manufacturing
Other systems for additive manufacturing
Services for additive manufacturing
Consultants for additive processes
Design development for additive processes

About us

Born in 2015, based in Brescia with the aim of assisting in the development of manufacturing companies in the area of plastic moulds and molding, it immediately became the exclusive distributor of OMP that deals with the production of moulds and molding of microprecision parts immediately increasing its business. In June 2016 he opened a production unit in Beinasco to start his own production as well as the distribution now consolidated, making investments in new machinery and expertise also in the Automotive sector.
The entry of AB-TEAM in ITEM allows it to benefit immediately from the group synergies and to become soon the reference point for the R&D, design and rapid prototyping departments that during 2017 will be transferred to the Beinasco headquarters for greater proximity to the major players in the automotive industry in Italy.
The growing and very strong interest in 3D technologies, the growing requests from our Group's customers for these applications and the vocation of Ab-team's Management to emerging market opportunities, in addition to ISO/TS certification, has naturally sanctioned the development of a highly specialized division in this area, within Item Technologies.
This choice has led the Group to review, from a synergistic point of view, the interactions between the different functions of its companies which, while each maintaining its own autonomy that derives from its own specific skills, becomes part of much broader competencies, greater than the sum of the individual skills, able to offer more quality, greater operational efficiency, innovation and attention to customer focus.

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