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Aschaffenburg Präzisionswerk


Johann Fischer Aschaffenburg Präzisionswerk GmbH & CO. KG
Ruhlandstraße 72-78
63741 Aschaffenburg
+49 6021 8605-0
+49 6021 8605-20

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 15 categories

Parts and components
Precision tools & clamping technology
Metrology & quality assurance
Materials & semifinished products

About us

Quality and tradition - Tradition and future

JFA is a medium-sized enterprise. Traditionally, JFA is manufacturing high precision measuring instruments for various customer segments. Besides, JFA is a metrology service provider as well as a service provider in the precision engineering industry. Due to our extensive range of products and services we can offer customers individual and complete solutions with JFA quality.

The use of state-of-the-art and high precision drilling, milling and grinding machines allows us to machine large and extremely heavy work pieces accurately and economically. Regardless of whether single work pieces, prototypes or series products are concerned, JFA can meet all your requirements. Due to our own-developed instruments technique we are in the position to economically machine all kinds of materials. Our service offer also includes the machining of hard-brittle materials such as all kinds of ceramics and hardly machinable steels such as Invar.

Our experienced and highly-qualified employees guarantee the first class execution of your order. Our broad knowledge and experience make us an ideal and competent partner for companies in the fields of precision and ultra precision machining.

JFA`s complete service offer includes the manufacturing of measuring instruments and clamping instruments as well as the production of customer specific special metrology, machine components and complete precision assemblies. Our complete value added package also comprises excellent customer service, construction and development, assembly and initiation.

For 20 years, JFA has also been an accredited DKD calibration laboratory for the dimensions straightness, flatness and angles 90°. We inspect measuring equipment and offer calibration, certification and maintenance services all over Europe.

We extend our business activities by also offering contract manufacturing.

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