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Keller Lufttechnik Products
Keller Lufttechnik GmbH + Co.KG
Oil separation, oil mist separation

AERO® - the new coolant and oil mist separator

The AERO® is equipped with reusable demisters for the pre-separation of chips and coarse particles, they also direct the incoming air towards the filter elements (MICOS-P – new round filter element from Keller Lufttechnik). They consist of fine material and provide an extraordinary high filtration efficiency (98,7%).
Because of its single-stage filtration the AERO® features a compact design. Of particular importance is not only the highly efficient separation of finest aerosols but also removal of substances by the new filter element for trouble-free draining of the separated coolant. This ensures continuous operation of the separator thereby ensuring an uninterrupted manufacturing process.
Health hazards, environmental risks and operating costs are minimized when using this new high-performance coolant and oil mist separator.
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