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Kemtech Co.
UKIC 812-1, Hyomoon-Dong, Buk-Gu
683-360 Ulsan
South Korea
+31 229 542485
+31 229 542364

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About us

Dormatec Environment Systems supplies a variety of systems for processing machines, such as high pressure units, coolers, oil separators, filters and air purification devices. The strategic target of Dormatec is to contribute to further optimisation of your production process. We do so while taking account of your targets in the field of quality, occupational health and the environment.
Kemtech is the main supplier of Hyundai Automotive and Doosan Infracore machine tools, and also supplies many systems to Japanese producers of machining units, including Okuma for optimisation of the metalworking process. In close cooperation with Dormatec, they now supply the following systems for the European market: Profluid High pressure systems with a pump and fine filter (20 - 70 bar)
, Profluid Oil and emulsion coolers
, Profluid Bag filters (up to 20 bar), Profluid Self-cleaning magnetic filters
, Profluid Self-cleaning filters
, Profluid Oil skimmers (fixed and mobile), Yoen air purification machines
 and other peripherals such as mixers, filter membranes, tank pumps, etc.