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Kendu S.


Kendu S. Coop.
Poligono Industrial Aizkoeta,s/n
20214 Segura (Guipuzcoa)
+34 943 801340
+34 943 801905

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 14 categories

Precision tools & clamping technology
Cutting tools
End millers
Diamond cutting tools
Engraving tools
Combined drillings and threading tools
Thread milling cutters
Cold forming taps
Machine drill taps
Inserts for turning
Finishing tools
Other metal cutting tools
Other cutting tools

About us

Kendu at the professional service
KENDU, S. COOP. was founded in 1976, began its career with the manufacturing of HSSE end mills. Throughout its history has gradually enlarged its manufacturing program with the introduction of new materials and coatings, as well as the development of new geometries and technologies. It’s to emphasize the range oriented to the High Speed Cutting machining for the application in different materials (steel, aluminium, titanium, graphite, etc.) This way we offer machining’s solutions to the most demanding industrial sectors: aircraft, mould & dies, surgical, automobile, etc.

Kendu, innovation and quality
Moreover, we offer the possibility of manufacturing customized tools, both in HSSE and in Solid Carbide, to provide solutions to the machining problems our customers. Thus we have achieved our mission and philosophy quality, meeting the needs our customers in Quality-Price and Service.

In order to offer to the customers reliable solution to their machining problems, we collaborate closely with them, as well as with other agencies, such as universities, technological centres, etc, developing new technologies of machining, new geometries for the tools, testing new materials and coatings in our bench testing, etc.Today Kendu supplies its tools to very different sectors: aircraft, mould & die, surgical, automobile, watchmaker,…

Kendu began its activity in 1976 initially focused exclusively in the production of cutting tools of High Speed Steel.
Later, and responding to the market demand, Kendu started to manufacture solid carbide cutting tools, diversifying its catalogue not only with end mill, but also with thread end mills, inserts and drills, and even today Kendu has in its catalogue more than 8.000 references, both in Solid Carbide and HSSE for the HSC and CSC.
Additionally to our standard tools, and in order to meet the specific needs our customers, we work very close with them to design and to produce tools specially adapted to their needs.

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