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Georg Kesel

For 130 years we have been innovating by tradition.


Georg Kesel GmbH & Co. KG
Maybachstraße 6
87437 Kempten
+49 831 25288-0
+49 831 25288-11

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Machine tools 7
Milling machines 4
Transfer machines and machining units 1
Grinding machines
Gear cutting and finishing machines 1
Deburring machines
Sheet metal cutting machines 1
Sheet metal forming machines
Bar, section and tube working machines
Precision tools & clamping technology 1
Cutting tools
Clamping devices 1
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About us

Georg Kesel GmbH & Co. KG is an internationally renowned manufacturer of machine tools for linear toothing. Our specialist milling and grinding machines are designed and manufactured by a team of experienced engineers in the group‘s headquarters location in Kempten, Bavaria. Supporting Kesel‘s global operations and international customers are regional subsidiaries in China (Beijing) and in the USA (Janesville, Wisconsin).

Our high precision milling and grinding machines are predominantly used for the manufacture of band saws and toothing on steering racks and drive components within vehicle manufacturing. As well as these market segments we also work closely with companies providing industrial drive technology who manufacture their high quality gear racks on Kesel machines. Individual customisation of our machines, something that is often required within these specialised industry segments, is something we deliver as standard.

The extensive range of machine we provide is further supplemented by coiling systems, straightening and setting machines as well as de-burring machines for gear manufacturing.

In addition to the manufacturing of machines, Kesel design, develop and manufacture high performance clamping systems and vises. The range includes mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic variants all of which come with a wide range of features and clamping strengths to covert he specturm of industry reuirements. We specialise in delivering customer specific customisations where necessary and do so with absolute precision.
The majority of our customers work within the steel, gear, automotive and saw blade industries.
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