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Franz Kessler

Electric motor
Franz Kessler GmbH
Electric motors
- Energy-efficient motors with top power density and degree of efficiency
- Production at competitive prices for the global market
- Standard motors with minimized construction height and cogging torque
- Standard motors with 100 % installation compatibility
- Special motor assembly kits and motor assembly groups according to customer requirements
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Linear motor
Franz Kessler GmbH
Linear motors
- Very compact design
- High dynamic for fast motion
- Optimized cogging torque designed for minimum power ripple
- Nominal force (Fn) up to 10,000 N
- Max. speed up to 300 m/min
- Maintenance-free drive concept
- Minimum power losses
- Temperature optimized motor design
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Table line
Table line
Rotary table, also NC-controlled
Franz Kessler GmbH
Rotary tables, also NC-controlled
Table line
- 5-axis simultaneous processing with direct drive
- Precision stops and defined tilting axis height:
- Simple adjustment in the machine tool
- Modular design for individual configuration
- Highly flexible and suitable for a wide variety of applications,
easy to change table plate
- Various table plates available – individual shapes can be defined as required
- Precise machining results due to high positioning accuracy
- Very maintenance friendly: Worn parts can be easily replaced on site
- More dynamic due to powerful KESSLER COOLMOTION ® motors
- Turning operation option with high-speed rotary tables
- Extremely robust designed with high rigidity
- High productivity due to fast acceleration and tilting speed
- Cable carrier on the left or right
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MT line
MT line
Main spindle for turning, milling, boring, boring and milling machines
Franz Kessler GmbH
Main spindles for turning, milling, boring, boring and milling machines
MT line
All advantages of the modular system
at a glance
- The most suitable COOLMOTION® motor for your individual needs:
With very high torque, very high speed or high-compact design
- Various bearing lubrication systems available
- Hydraulic release unit
- High flexibility: KESSLER rotary union for the media: lubricant,
dry operation, compressed air, MQL capability
- Process reliability due to extensive sensory system
- Process reliability due to extensive sensory system
- Analogue tool clamping status monitoring
- Hydraulic clamping for turning operations available
- High power density due to very compact, spacesaving design and light weight
- Reduction of TCO (Total Costs of Ownership) due to the rapid change of the rotor exchange group (KESSLER QCC)
- HSK and Capto tool interfaces
- High degree of operational safety thanks to LEDs due to optimal illumination of the tool intervention
- Robust: Designed for high load forces in the machining process
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V line
 V line
Milling unit
Franz Kessler GmbH
Milling units
V line
The V line is all about:
- Vertical machining
- Suitable for tilting operation
- Processing of different materials
- Machining of workpieces with varying geometries
- Use in small and large-scale production
- Short duration until reaching the stable Tool Centre Point (TCP)
- As an option, can be supplied with clamps for turning operations
- Option to measure the axial shaft displacement
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