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KROMI Logistik


KROMI Logistik AG
Tarpenring 7-11
22419 Hamburg
+49 40 537151-0
+49 40 537151-99

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 89 categories

Precision tools & clamping technology
Cutting tools
Forming tools
Tooling systems
Software and Hardware
Software for manufacturing
Workshop equipment
Workshop cabinets, workbenches, modular metal shelving systems
Services for production

About us

The business model of KROMI Logistik AG covers all tool management steps, and is consequently only to a limited extent comparable with other companies' business models. Pure tools manufacturers only offer their customers products from their own portfolios. Although tools wholesalers, by contrast, frequently offer a broader product range, they mostly possess no particular technical expertise in the machining tools segment. Software companies and dispenser manufacturers, for their part, mostly offer only partial solutions that customers themselves need to combine with each other. Due to its comprehensive tool supply concept, by contrast, KROMI Logistik AG occupies an almost unique market position that allows it to operate as a problem-solving partner for industry, thereby tapping attractive market potentials.

KROMI Logistik AG offers manufacturing companies end-to-end outsourcing for their supply of precision machining tools, both in Germany and abroad. The company focuses on technically advanced cutting tools for metal and plastics processing. KROMI combines conventional tool retailing with a decentralised tool supply system that includes output machines in the customer's production area and an IT-based tool management and controlling system.

KROMI's aim is to sustainably optimise the supply of resources, in particular that of tools, for its customers and to secure the availability of the appropriate resources at the right time and in the right place. The company is currently represented at five locations in Germany and four abroad (Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Spain and Brazil), and is active in four other European countries. Up to now, KROMI has been primarily focusing on customers in the machine engineering, automotive supply and aerospace sectors as well as in marine engine construction.

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