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Krumm e.K.
Unter Gereuth 6 - 8
79353 Bahlingen a.K.
+49 (0)7663 91497-0
+49 (0)7663 91497-20

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About us

With Krumm-tec Technology you open up new prospects for your company in systems parts. Cleaning processes combined with number of units and special components provide the requested output.

As a customer of Krumm-tec you enjoy the service of being optimally served and looked after. Highly qualified customer service is our focus. Experienced employees and technologically grade products allow us to become your active partner on which you can depend at any time.

In the early years, we were just a typical trade company. However our core competencies turned us into what we are today: In our field we are one of the leading technology companies.

All details of our cleaning cabins are manufactured according to high precision and quality standards. The interplay of all components results in an excellent optimisation and an outstanding efficiency of the
Krumm-tec Systems.

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