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A feature that turns heads: The continuous full-LED rear light of the new Polestar 2

An innovation manufactured with LACH DIAMANT precision tools

The electric car manufacturer Polestar gives his new classic limousine Polestar 2 – the successor to the Volvo-limousine - a highly modern appearance: The specially designed C-shaped rear light runs across the entire width of the vehicle with a narrow light band of almost 300 LEDs – composed of five electronically synchronised modules.

The development and series production of these highly integrated continuous rear lights consisting of light and electronic components has been made possible by LACH DIAMANT high-precision tools. 

For almost 100 years – since 1922 - LACH DIAMANT has been developing and manufacturing diamond and CBN tools for series production. The globally operating enterprise is equally in demand in traditional and future-oriented industry, e.g. in tool- and mould-making, in the furniture industry as well as in the electronics, automotive, aviation and wind power industries, and for the processing of advanced composite materials.

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