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DragonFly sets new standards for tool grinding shops. This innovative grinding wheel provides highe

This innovative grinding wheel provides highest precision and efficiency for machining carbide-tipped saws.

Hanau:LACH DIAMANT succeeded in developing a highly innovative grinding wheel for the tooth-face grinding of circular saw blades. This makes machining more cost-efficient – while maintaining highest precision.

The unique carrier system with 3-dimensional geometry and extended grinding layer-surface allows for effortless grinding of even the smallest tooth gaps.

To date, the grinding of rakesurfaces on carbide-tipped saws frequently reached its limits – especially regarding stability and efficiency. The new DragonFly grinding wheel sets new standards with its unique carrier system: Higher infeeds and feed rates reduce grinding times drastically, the removal volume is increased, while producing exemplary, and even rake surfaces – without any “buckling”.

The DragonFly grinding wheel provides steady and secure grinding of carbide-tipped saws: “The DragonFly wheel grinds without any problems, is very precise and has a significantly higher lifetime than all previous wheels”, states one of our satisfied DragonFly customers.

The DragonFly wheel (tooth-face grinding) is accompanied by the DragonFly Back Cruiser for back grinding as well as the DragonFly Flank Cruiser for side grinding (from left to right).

DragonFly will be featured live at this year’s EMO.

More information at www.lach-diamant.de or from office@lach-diamant.de



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Worldwide, and for over 97 years, LACH DIAMANT stands for progress, precision and quality. The medium-sized family company developed from a jewellery diamond grinding facility in 1922, with approximately 600 diamond grinders, to the worldwide leading manufacturer of diamond and CBN tools. The machining and grinding innovator developed global, custom-designed solutions for the automobile, energy, electronics and aerospace industries, as well as for general engineering and the tool industry.

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