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LACH DIAMANT revolutionizes deep-feed grinding

LACH DIAMANT revolutionizes deep-feed grinding

Just take: a special metal bonding agent plus the spark erosion procedure EDG-plus®-“sparkerosion grinding” discovered in 1978.

The result are metal-bond diamond- and CBN grinding wheels with or without profile – concave or convex, which outperform all previous results in stock removal rate and tool life.

The accuracy of »contour-profiled« diamond and CBN grinding wheels sets new standards also in the area of profiling; depending on the type of diamond or CBN grain used it is possible to achieve accuracies of 5µm and even 2µm for ultra-fine grains. 

This will also be the case for required inner radii – which is inconceivable with other procedures available on the market like wire-cut EDM, that means impossible.

The symbiosis between special metal bond and EDG-plus®-spark erosion machines developed by LACH DIAMANT in intense research promises advantages for the user which cannot be achieved with other procedures like the mentioned wire-cut procedure, regardless of their type of electricity or pulser.

LACH DIAMANT »contour-profiled« grinding wheels are manufactured both with fine grain and „coarse“ grain – depending on the specific application and required performance.

Grain sizes up to 180µm and –where applicable – more are not an issue for the EDG-plus®-procedure of LACH DIAMANT. 

Different again in the case of wire-cut procedure. It is possible to achieve accuracies   2µm max. (convex profiles) using bronze bonding agents and very small grain sizes like 5-15 µm, which can lead to a grain point overlap of max. 0,009mm using a grain size of 10µm, however, a high removal rate may be excluded in the case of this overhang. 

Using a large grain size for wire cannot work if only because the wire will always have the property to avoid the „obstacle“diamond/CBN grain – it will „jump“ or tear off – therefore a profile distortion is inevitable right from the beginning. It would be an error to think that the wire, controlled by spark erosion, might cut through the grain!

The LACH DIAMANT EDG-plus®-spark erosion grinding retains the grain due to the special metal bonding agent even in case of an overlap of 90% – the chip space resulting from the EDG-plus® grinding as an overlap of 90% of the respective grain size may be considered as a guarantor for success especially for deep feed grinding with »contour-profiled« grinding wheels. 

LACH DIAMANT as a pioneer would not be LACH DIAMANT, if LACH would not only offer grinding wheel, but also the procedure, that means the EDG-plus®-spark erosion machine »mini-contour-profiled« at EMO in Hanover – Hall 4 Stand D40. 

By the way, last but not least, »contour-profiled« diamond and CBN grinding wheels are currently available with diameters up to 550mm.

Responsible for the content of this press release: Jakob Lach GmbH & Co. KG


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