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Other grinding tools and accessories

Metal bon CBN Grinding Wheel Tuned to Maximum Perfomance a result of »contour-profiled« technology
Metal bon CBN Grinding Wheel Tuned to Maximum Perfomance a result of »contour-profiled« technology
Diamond grinding wheel, diamond paste
Jakob Lach GmbH & Co. KG
Other grinding tools and accessories
13,5 mm
0,5 mm
As is so often the case, great innovations remain behind closed doors because one does not even get the idea of questioning how many everyday objects are produced. Or have you ever broken your head about how a hair clipper is made?

LACH DIAMANT has faced exactly this topic and again proved the unlimited possibilities of the "contour-profiled"; technology for profile grinding of metal bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels. Even profile depths of 13. 5 mm with a web width of 0. 5 mm are produced by the Hanau pioneers without any problems and thus make it possible to simplify the production of a hair clipper.

Until now, hair trimmers had to be ground with conventional grinding wheels. The manufacturing process was highly complex as the conventional disc had to be dressed after each stroke to maintain the profile of a hair cutting blade.

The newly developed "contour-profiled"; grinding wheel from LACH DIAMANT consists of a metallic bond matrix which eliminates the need for re-profiling during the grinding process. The entire profile has already been applied to a "mini-contour-profiled"; machine using the "EDG-plus"; spark erosion process developed by LACH DIAMANT. For the user or manufacturer of the hair cutting blade, this means
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