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Latz S. Coop.
Avda. de los Gudaris, 23
20140 Andoain (Gipuzkoa)
+34 943 592512
+34 943 591391

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Route planner

About us

Four years were needed from 1977 when the founders of LATZ started to develop their project for manufacturing cutting tools, till the 29 th of June1981 when the first drill was finished. These our years full of dreams, efforts and tests brought us to reach which is still our main mission:

"Provide our customers with high performance and top quality cutting tools offering the best technical support, service and guarantee."

Following this target for more than 35 years has led our investments to the last technologies on design, manufacturing and control of HSS and Hard Metal cutting tools, in order to be recognized by our customers as an important partner of their companies.

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