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L.C.M. S.r.l.
Via Statale 25/K
14033 Castell Alfero (AT)
+39 0141 296035
+39 0141 296034

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About us

Since 1986 L.C.M. has been producing and selling mechanical accessories for machine tools. With a staff of highly qualified technicians and a wealth of experience, L.C.M. offers innovative products of the highest quality standards. Our engineering team is available to give you service and cooperation for customized products to meet specific design requirements

The strong mechanic and electro-mechanic heritage, built up by a continuous strive to reach accuracy and tolerances always more compelling and at the same time the constant monitoring of the quality levels in each and every working phase, guarantee that the specification of our product are always under control and maintained constant year after year.

The quality procedures L.C.M. has in place guarantee not only the precise assembly of the products but also the possibility to monitor and verify that each component is perfectly under specification. These procedures allows L.C.M. products to be exactly in line with the design characteristics and specifications.A strong cooperation with our suppliers guarantees that the materials and the semi-finished items are strictly checked and in line with the more demanding expectations. L.C.M. can manufacture its products according to its requirements, with the highest accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

L.C.M. can provide its customers with warehouses in three strategic areas (Europe, Asia and America) that fit customers’ requests. L.C.M. can guarantee the prompt availability of each component. In case of emergency L.C.M. provides the whole systems refurbished and perfectly functioning for the immediate exchange of the broken item. L.C.M. has a complete set of agreements with the most important forwarders to ship items all over the world in case of specific requests or for emergencies.

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