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LEDORA Electronics


LEDORA Electronics GmbH
Felix-Wankel-Straße 70
72108 Rottenburg
+49 7472 9149100
+49 7472 9419101

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About us

Baden- Württemberg - land of researchers and inventors . Nowhere else in Germany , there are more inventors and thinkers. Nowhere else in patent applications . The German southwest across the EU , the region with the highest innovation. Whether bike , automobile, ship or air wind turbine - many ingenious developments originate from the think tank of Baden-Württemberg engineers and companies.
Ledora Electronics continues this tradition . In Rottenburg am Neckar , we develop and produce strictly according to the European directives quality LED lighting technology. Professional solutions for commercial, industrial and sports. Our goal is quality and technology leadership in the German LED market. With two ultra-modern , designed for three -shift operation, production lines , we guarantee high delivery capability. We are always in a position to react flexibly to customer requests and to meet individual requirements at short notice. We employ highly trained employees , we constantly improve their qualifications . With ergonomically challenging jobs we provide a motivating environment that makes the best results possible. The latest Prüfeinrichtungengarantieren that all our products are delivered in good condition . Every single Ledora lighting system is subjected to as part of our uncompromising quality assurance, compliance with the requirements for light intensity , color temperature and color rendering index of an intensive test . We live quality made ​​in Germany.