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MachineWorks and Polygonica Products


MachineWorks Ltd.
Software for CNC controls

CNC Control Simulation

The increasing power of CNC controllers creates opportunities for machining hardware manufacturers to add value to their products by using real-time simulation. MachineWorks software provides the necessary memory optimisation to achieve true real-time performance.

The demand for simulation and verification of programs created on conversational controllers derives from the increasing complexity of machines. By having MachineWorks simulation integrated with the controller, operators on the shop floor are reassured that their programming is error-free and collision avoidance before running the machine.

MachineWorks has been integrated into more sophisticated CNC controllers allowing the ultimate in safety and control: a built-in intelligence system that will not allow the machine to crash, an anti-crash system. The toolpath is monitored live. The software will "look ahead" of the toolpath and if it detects an imminent crash it will stop the machine and give a warning.
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