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Via Piantada 9/D
25036 Palazzolo Sull Oglio
+39 0 30 7 40 36 11
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About us

The company, founded in 1961, deals with the production and marketing of industrial ironing machinery for garment manufacturers and for large and small industrial laundries. It is also dedicated to the production of thermowelding machinery with various fields of application, from sportswear to underwear, from fashion to luxury.
It has always been a world leader in the sector and boasts a great history of design and innovation, collaborates with the major brands worldwide and is a point of reference for those who work in these sectors. It proposes itself as a highly dynamic, flexible and young company despite its long experience.
The global presence that goes from China to India, from Russia to the Americas, guarantees proximity and customer service making Macpi a successful partner in the development of projects of all kinds.
The pursuit of excellence has made it possible to satisfy every need in the best possible way and, above all, to build a strong reputation recognised by the market but even more so by the clients themselves.

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