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Magnescale Co.


Magnescale Co., Ltd.
45, Suzukawa
259-1146 Isehara, Kanagawa-Pref.
+81 463 92-1011
+81 463 92-1012

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 18 categories

Controls & electronic equipment
Signal processing systems
NC position sensors
Control and drive systems
Metrology & quality assurance
Linear and angular measurement
Measuring instruments
Special purpose measuring equipment
Components for measuring and testing equipment

About us

Ever since the establishment of the company in 1969 and the development of unique Magnescale products, we have been striving through the support of our many customers to provide measuring devices that are easier to use as well as high-precision, high-speed scales. During that time, the industries of the world have continued to reform and advance while technological innovation in information equipment has been particularly pronounced. This has driven ever greater convenience in society as technology becomes more sophisticated. However, as a result we are now faced with serious issues related to the earth's resources and environment. This has ushered in an era wherein how to resolve these issues while maintaining this newfound convenience has become a serious global problem. To achieve this goal, it is imperative that the world's production sites more efficiently produce high-quality products with better yields and that can be used for longer periods. In this regard, we believe that the measuring devices and scales that we produce have a key role to play. Accordingly, our aim is to provide products and services that meet the needs of the times based on our motto to continually enhance capabilities and technologies while maintaining a spirit of creativity and ingenuity.