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MAIER Werkzeugmaschinen

About us


MAIER Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG
Siemensstraße 10
78564 Wehingen
+49 7426 5286-0
+49 7426 5286-50

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About MAIER Werkzeugmaschinen

Machine tools – Made in Germany

These German tools are highly precise, fast, and are in ideal quality. The machine tools from Maier are designed for all metal machining at a high level. All machines are designed and manufactured by us. Anyone could see the high quality of the machines just by the appearance. The machines present incredible stability, have advanced construction, effective interaction with machining, the best tooling technology. Currently MAIER is one of the best European specialist in Swiss-type machines, our machines are living proof of the value "Made in Germany".
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Machine tools 6
Turning machines (lathes) 6
Robotic and automation
Workpiece and tool handling
Handling of workpieces
Loading and feeding equipment for machine tools
Palletising of workpieces and tools
Vibrating conveyors
Handling equipment for warehousing input and delivery of workpieces
Workpiece carrier magazines