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MAIER Werkzeugmaschinen Products
MAIER Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG
Multi-spindle bar automatics
Maier C6
Efficient, precise and fast!
MORE Flexibility for MORE Machining

Standard Equipment C6

Basic machine with 9 axes
Main- and Sub Spindle with C-Axis
Mechanical indexing (5°)
Pneumatic parts ejector on the Sub Spindle
Electronic handwheel with program check
Synchronous drive guide bush
Cooling pump with 1,5 bar and 240l/min
32m/min rapid Speed in all Axes
Parts conveyor with Part basket
Stable, Vibration free machine bed of polymer concrete
  • Maier C6 Machine
  • Maier C6 Axis overview
  • Maier C6 Axis overview
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ProLine MLK-32 Hybrid
ProLine MLK-32 Hybrid
Multi-spindle bar automatic
MAIER Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG
Multi-spindle bar automatics
ProLine MLK-32 Hybrid
Maier Hybrid

Lathe- and Swiss-Type-machines combined in one machine. With and without the use of guide-bushings • quick change within 20 minutes from lathe to Swiss-Type.

From lathe to Swiss-type machine in 20 minutes

Do I need a lathe machine to manufacture my parts ? Or does the part sice demand a Swiss-type machine ? Are left over material pieces relevant? Is the basic material in the size needed not available? Is it not worth to invest in a guide-bush?

There are many reasons to use a Swiss-type machine when a lathe machine is needed. With the MLK 32 hybrid you won’t have to worry about reasons like this when considering to buy. With this machine you can use the advantages of both machine types.

In just 20 minutes you can change the MLK 32 Hybrid from a Swiss-type machine in to a lathe machine or vice versa with a few easy steps.
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