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MAKINO Europe Blog

Energising high precision - reliably! Case study Dayton Reliable Tools

July 2018
Author: MAKINO_Team
Company: MAKINO Europe GmbH
Energising high precision - reliably! Case study Dayton Reliable Tools

Next time you open a can of Coke, Red Bull or beer, give some thought to the precise little device that makes the can so easy to open. That pull-ring cap was invented back in the 1960's by Dayton Reliable Tools (DRT) Mfg. Co. and has been energising the drinks market ever since.

DRT’s German subsidiary has been supplying the European metal packaging market with tools and spare parts for the production of easy-open end parts (as the pull-ring cap is correctly known) and doing contract manufacturing of precision components for over a quarter of a century. For more than 20 years, Makino’s precision machining centres have been reliable partners at the DRT plant in Braunschweig, Germany.

Running smoothly since 2001
Nothing documents the reliability of this partnership more impressively than the Makino V33 vertical machining centre (VMC) at that plant. Production leader Andreas Krökel is a very satisfied customer: “Our V33 has been running smoothly since 2001, is still delivering the precision for which Makino is renowned, and even has its original spindle!

“Back then, High Speed Milling (HSM) technology was just coming in and this V33 has certainly proved to be a lucky choice for us as it’s just kept running and running. But probably the most important benefit for us has been that it’s still machining within a tolerance range of ±0.01 mm.”

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