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Mario Pinto


Mario Pinto S.p.A.
Strada delle Cacce 21
10135 Torino (TO)
+39 011 3918811
+39 011 3918807

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 14 categories

Precision tools & clamping technology
Tooling systems
Tool holder systems, modular
Tool holders
Tool holding fixtures
Tool turrets
Clamping devices
Lathe chucks, hand operated
Lathe chucks, hydraulically operated
Lathe chucks, pneumatically operated
Collet chucks
Chucking systems
Expanding mandrels
Standard fixture parts and clamping devices
Clamping devices, hydraulic
Other clamping devices
Chucks, others

About us

Founded in Torino in 1922, MARIO PINTO joined the group SMW-Autoblok by end of the 90s. MARIO PINTO has been developing, designing and manufacturing clamping systems for machine tools for almost 100 years.
High-precision products to satisfy specific and complex needs, manufactured using modern machines and up-to-date technologies, carefully tested in our plant; a sales net covering almost all countries, assuring a high standard service of after-market service worldwide.

From the classical manual chucks to a number of special clamping systems, from rotating cylinders to collet chucks, from expanding mandrels to static and live tools. MPT means passion for precision and sensibility towards the market needs.A world of chucks and clamping systems designed to hit all targets.
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