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Maschinen Stockert


Maschinen Stockert GmbH
Friedrich-Bergius-Straße 17
85662 Hohenbrunn
+49 (0)8102 / 894-88
+49 (0)8102 / 6512

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About us

Maschinen Stockert GmbH was founded in 1972 by Manfred Stockert in Munich and is now run by the second generation.

Our clientele is dominated by companies in the construction industry such as plumbing, roofing, locksmithing, metal construction and installation / heating companies, and in particular ventilation, steel hall and precision sheet metal processing companies.The range of tools and machinery is available right in the extent and quality of these customer groups. Our tool catalog includes over 500 pages with about 8000 items which are kept mostly in stock and will be sent to within 24 hours by UPS package delivery to our customers

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