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Mastercam News

CNC Software Partners with Edge Factor for 2015

CNC Software, Inc. is proud to announce that they will again be partnering with Edge Factor throughout 2015. Edge Factor produces inspiring, high impact media that tell the stories of innovative teams who design and build incredible products with Mastercam that impact lives and ultimately... the future of the country. Each show is designed to be an integral part of the foundation used in multiple platforms to reach a large demographic through
TV shows, educational curriculum, and events.

Edge Factor eduTAINMENT
The Edge Factor Show and LaunchPoint stories bring to screen the innovative manufacturing teams working together to design and build incredible products that impact lives. In each production, extraordinary stories are being told about the people who are redefining what is possible through manufacturing, as well as their pathway to success.

All the media produced by Edge Factor is the foundation of eduFACTOR, a membership¬ based, online suite of multimedia resources for educators and business leaders to inspire the next generation of advanced manufacturers. eduFACTOR empowers STEM teachers to use real-life stories that make learning concepts relevant to students. Media and tools developed from the Edge Factor Show and LaunchPoint episodes deliver a variety of educational opportunities, from school year plans to one day projects in the machine shop with Maker Projects. You can see Mastercam’s influence throughout the site, even some media developed by corporate CNC Software employees. See for yourself at eduFACTOR.org  

Manufacturing Day
Edge Factor and CNC Software are joining forces for the best Manufacturing Day yet. Manufacturing Day is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Manufacturers across the world open up their facilities to the public to get a tour of their shops and businesses. CNC Software is dedicated to getting today’s youth interested in manufacturing, and together with Edge Factor, hopes to inspire students to look at manufacturing as a rewarding and exciting career path.


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