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Meister Abrasives


Meister Abrasives AG
Industriestrasse 10
8450 Andelfingen
41 52 304 22 22

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Metrology & quality assurance


About us

Meister Abrasives is a leading and highly innovative company with extensive experience in developing and manufacturing customized cutting-edge industrial superabrasive tools for high-precision grinding applications. With its unparalleled expertise, Meister Abrasives turns its innovations in ceramic and hybrid bonds with CBN and diamond grits into industry-wide benchmarks.

The innovative technologies and superior materials employed in all Meister Abrasives’ solutions, make the latter revolutionary for the industries in which they are used: automotive, e-mobility, semiconductors, medical, bearing. At Meister Abrasives we are passionate about designing solutions with supreme performance that define the world of tomorrow. Simply said, We Grind The Future.

Founded in 1951 in Switzerland, Meister Abrasives is synonymous to exceptional quality, precision, and individualized customer solutions – values inherent not only to the brand but also to the land in which it originated – Switzerland.
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