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Metal Work Deutschland Blog

Leader of pneumatic components.

Quality in design, production and distribution

February 2018
Author: Team Metal Work Deutschland
Company: Metal Work Deutschland GmbH
Quality in design, production and distribution

Metal Work is a fully integrated manufacturing company. This system guarantees the customer a fully monitored production process and a consistently top quality product. Process engineering and product engineering come together in the constant quest for perfection.

Virtually all the products are manufactured at the company’s own production site allowing the company to monitor the entire process from the selection of raw materials to final assembly, thus cutting wastage and lead times. Production data and test results undergo critical analysis to enable the company to upgrade the products and the manufacturing process. Company-wide quality control is a permanent feature at Metal Work.

Total quality
Metal Work obtained ISO 9001 certification in 1992 and ISO 14001 certification in 2000, and OHSAS 18001 certification in 2007, ample proof of our way of working and daily mission. Particular care is taken at all levels, from design to energy saving, and we can safely state that, compared with conventional products, the electrical power required to operate our valves has been cut by 75% over the last few years. Certification covers not only the holding company but also the other companies in the Group, allowing both our products and our philosophy to gain world-wide recognition. All Metal Work products meet EC and other standards including electromagnetic compatibility (EMC certificate).

Metal Work engineers are on ISO, UNI and ASSOFLUID committees as product standardisation is always a guarantee of product quality.

A customer-oriented policy
The product is not Metal Work’s only strong point. Great care is taken over customer service, with the aim of providing the best possible solution for a specific requirement within the allotted time and with the utmost safety. The Metal Work or P Service sales personnel work in close co-operation with the customer, providing the necessary backup to solve any technical problems, and search for new materials or information.

Metal Work invests heavily in providing the customers with the necessary training. Our range includes all types of special products suitable for use in a wide variety of applications.