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MHT GmbH Merz & Haag


MHT GmbH Merz & Haag
Waldmössinger Str. 56
78713 Schramberg

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Route planner

About us

Dry milling and drilling with the all-rounder
Eli Whitney, an American inventor and manufacturer, built the first milling machine in 1818. To this day, this represents 200 years of development of motors, spindles and quills, frames and machine stands, and milling heads. It is precisely here, at the sensitive peak of the manufacturing process, that MHT GmbH, as the pacemaker in the milling process, is adding a small, revolutionary nozzle: the medium distributor.

Dry milling of ALL materials? No longer an issue with the medium distributor.
Dry drilling? Completely effortless with the medium distributor.

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