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MTC tool changer
MTC tool changer
Tool-changing system, Tool changer, Tool Storage
Miksch GmbH
Tool systems, modular
MTC tool changer
The MTC tool changer is especially suited to horizontal installation positions. Depending on how the tool changer is positioned at the installation site, the drive may be fitted either to the side or directly on the housing.

MTC050 and MTC052 (mirrored version)

Tool weight:
up to 45kg

Installation position:

the tool changer can be positioned adjacent to or opposite a spindle



three-phase brake motor
three-phase motor
servo motor


to the side of the housing
directly on the housing

Tool support:


Mirrored version can be supplied (MTC052)

The choice is yours – we have the right products

Get off to a flying start and win the race for the shortest tool changing times by using MIKSCH tool changers in your production. Request our product information today.
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REMA-shelf magazine
REMA-shelf magazine
Tool-changing system, Tool changer, Tool Storage
Miksch GmbH
Tool cabinets
REMA-shelf magazine
REMA-shelf magazine of MIKSCH
Minimum conversion times and maximum flexibility!
REMA-shelf magazine can hold many tool locations and due to its mobile magazine design reduces conversion times to a minimum or even eliminates them completely.
All tools are, for example, sorted according to tool sets and stored in mobile containers (BOX). By decoupling the magazine and machine, the magazine can be changed while the machine is in operation without interruption! A handling mechanism (KNIC) brings the individual tools from the magazine to an optional buffer magazine (PUMA), before they are transferred without delay by the tool changer to the machine.
Your advantages at a glance:
Drastic reduction or complete elimination of standstill and conversation times.
It is no longer necessary to set fixed magazine sizes on the machine.
The worldslargest tool pack thicknesses.
Can be easily expanded as required by the use of a mobile tool container.
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SETT setup tool
SETT setup tool
Accessories for tool-changing systems
Miksch GmbH
Other equipment for workpiece or tool handling
SETT setup tool
The new way of aligning and positioning tools in machining centres.
The adjustment device SETT setup tool from MIKSCH revolutionises the previous process of aligning tools.
The user is presented with a complete new method of positioning tools. Besides being faster, it is also easier and more precise to align various applications such as:
Magazine to tool changer,
tool changer to spindle,
pick-up magazine to spindle.
Whereas previously it was only possible to check the condition as being ok or not ok, MIKSCH is now able to present a completely new process.

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MCM chain magazine with transfer unit
MCM chain magazine with transfer unit
Storage of workpieces and tools
Miksch GmbH
Storage of workpieces and tools
Our tool magazines are an optimal supplement to our tool changers.
We deliver these as disc and as chain magazines with various numbers of positions.
The transfer tool holder of the transfer unit takes the tool out of the tool jaw of the MIKSCH chain magazine by moving from the rear over the tool support. The transfer tool holder then moves to the side and makes the tool available for other assemblies, e.g.:
for a tool changer with gripper arm,
for another chain magazine

Designation: MCM chain magazine
Tool weight: up to 45 kg
Installation psoition: horizontal and vertical
Drive: servo motor

Tool support:
SK-25 to SK-60
HSK-25 to HSK-160
Other versions can be supplied to match sizes

Number of spaces: 20 - 60
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