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HYUNDAI WIA Uses ModuleWorks Technology

To protect machines from damage that can occur due to operating and programming errors, HYUNDAI WIA uses the ModuleWorks Collision Avoidance System integrated on the Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL CNC control. The ModuleWorks CAS runs in real-time during the machining process and uses the same motion data as the real servos to provide a highly accurate graphical simulation of the machine kinematics. Intelligent look-ahead algorithms detect potential collisions, in auto or jog mode, and alert the operator to stop the machine before a real collision occurs.

The Siemens controller allows remote access which means data from the ModuleWorks CAS is potentially available to the HYUNDAI WIA HW-MMS superordinate monitoring system that enables engineers to monitor machine safety and performance anytime, from anywhere.

The ModuleWorks Visual Twin extends the smart factory concept further to incorporate operator training. Under the motto “as real as it gets”, the Visual Twin combines industry proven ModuleWorks simulation technology with state-of-the-art computer animation to deliver an authentic experience that enables operators to train on a specific machine in a fully virtual environment, thereby eliminating expensive downtime, waste material and any risk of damage to the real machine.

“Our goal is to deliver intelligent, integrated machining solutions that enable our customers to transition to industry 4.0 manufacturing”, explains Jae-Yong Ha, Head of Machine Tool R&D Center at HYUNDAI WIA. “The ModuleWorks CAS and Visual Twin take us closer to this goal by offering enhanced machining safety and optimized productivity that fits perfectly into our smart factory concept.”

HYUNDAI WIA demonstrated the iTROL smart factory platform with integrated ModuleWorks CAS on the HYUNDAI WIA XF6500 Machining Center at an open event at the HYUNDAI WIA European headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Germany, last year. The iTROL platform with integrated ModuleWorks Visual Twin is planned for demonstration during the HINEX 2021 (Hyundai Wia International Machine Tool Exhibition) at the HYUNDAI WIA headquarters in Changwon, South Korea, 8 -10 September 2021.


ModuleWorks Visual Twin video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A-KRVDrUg8

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