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3+2 Undercut Rest Finishing

2019-04-05 11:54 | Duration 01:52 | 9 calls
The videos shows the undercut machining workflow. In Step 1, ModuleWorks Automatic 3+2-Axis Undercut Machining automatically detects the undercut areas from the top and bottom without any user input, and then machines each undercut region from the best approachable machining angle. In Step 2, Automatic Undercut Rest Finishing is applied to efficiently remove the rest material in the difficult-to-reach cavities and fissures.

The Automatic Undercut Rest Finishing feature filters only the areas in the undercut regions that were previously not accessible by the standard undercut finishing operation. This feature provides a precise toolpath in these inaccessible areas only. This not only gives an excellent aesthetic finish but also saves labs and practices a significant amount of calculation and machining time. It also ensures a longer tool life for the fine machining (rest material) tools, as it doesn’t scratch the already finished area again.


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