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MTE Deutschland GmbH


MTE Deutschland GmbH
Auf der Birke 13
56412 Montabaur - Heiligenroth
+49 2602 999 650
+49 2602 999 6510

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Vertical bed type milling machines
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Single column milling machines for long workpieces
High speed milling machines (HSC)

About us

We are a young Company (founded in 1994) for the manufacture of CNC Milling machines.

From our beginnings up to the present day, we have been manufacturing Bed Type Milling Machines with friction guideways (turcite + hardened guideways). BF and K models

In 2004, we started manufacturing Bed Type Milling Machines with Linear guideways KT models

In 2007, in order to promote the German market and collaborate with the adjacent markets, we opened our own company in Germany (MTE Deutschland GmbH), where we have a major management and after-sales service team, which, apart from obtaining new orders, enables us to attend rapidly and effectively to the more than 300 machines sold on the German market.

In 2008, we changed our headquarters from the old plant in Iraeta to our modern facilities in Itziar

In 2009, we launched our Floor Type Milling Machines FBF-M models on to the market

In 2010, we started manufacturing our Floor Type Milling Machines FBF-S models

At the present time, there are 50 of us working to offer you a high quality product and our best service

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