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836-18, Dureungyuri-ro, Ochang-eup Cheongwon-gu
363-922 Cheongju
South Korea

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About us

NANOTECH is leading the new material business of nanotechnology by developing ultra-fine cemented carbide powder technology as its own method and commoditizing high characteristic cemented carbide material, long-life end mill and insert tool utilizing this original technology.

In addition, based on our persistent challenge and differentiated technology regarding the NANO technology, we're striving to be a world leader in the cemented carbide cutting tool industry. In addition, we are expanding our business area by mass-producing and supplying high-quality precision products such as mobile phone camera parts and FAN Motor Magnets for white goods to customers.

NANOTECH won't stop here, but actively cope with the development of new technology and the rapidly changing business environment. Through this, we will do our best to grow into a company specialized in material part technologies, fulfilling our social responsibility by making continuous leaps in business, realizing customers’ satisfaction, and making sustainable management with coexistence and coprosperity among our members.