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LMT Onsrud LP


LMT Onsrud LP
1081 S. Northpoint Blvd.
60085 Waukegan, IL
United States
+1 847 362-1560
+1 847 473-1934

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Precision tools & clamping technology
Cutting tools
Forming tools
Tooling devices
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About us

LMT Onsrud From the Very Beginning...
From the very beginning dating back to 1946 when Onsrud Cutter Manufacturing Company (OCMC) first began, LMT Onsrud has been committed to providing the best quality router bits and cutting tools our customers demand and have come to expect.

Our Roots
Our roots were established within Libertyville, Illinois with an initial product offering of high-speed steel router bits, milling cutters, and carbide tipped tools and over the next 65 years of producing high quality tooling, we have seen our customer requirements grow and expand.

Our Tools
Current tooling lines range from our starting point of engineered panel applications which developed into plastic and composite machining for the marine and aircraft industries. Our latest endmills are utilized to mill aluminum and exotic metals within today’s aerospace, defense, medical industries as well as other technical applications, while our special solid carbide drills are designed to cut composites, titanium and other non-ferrous materials.

Our Pride
We take pride in manufacturing tooling for CNC Routers / CNC Mills in addition to electric and air routers. Aluminum, composites, plastics, honeycomb, exotic metals, natural and man-made materials - LMT Onsrud has a solution.

In 1999, LMT Onsrud became part of the LMT Group and December of 2010, we relocated to our new 64,000 square foot facility located in Waukegan, IL. Onsrud began producing router bits in 1946 and we believe our tools provide to our demanding customers the performance, tight tolerances, and quality they would expect in a tool. We ask that you give us the opportunity to demonstrate it.
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