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Register in simple steps. We will inform you by e-mail as soon as we have a suitable RFQ for you. You will receive all RFQs in a detailed and clearly structured overview. Create your offer quickly in just a few clicks. On our secure server, only the responsible buyer can see what you are offering.


Receive matching RFQs from more than 569 buyers through automated comparison of your offered manufacturing portfolio.


We are happy to support you in creating your company profile and publishing your manufacturing portfolio.


Only buyers can see the details of your offers. You always have the option to submit offers anonymously.

Premium PLUS membership (optional)

With the Premium PLUS membership you will have an extended company profile with increased visibility in the network.

Increase your visibility!

Ensure that your know-how is recognized and valued by potential business partners. Profit as a supplier of ORDERMATCH® by being made visible in the hit lists of the buyers and in the search engines. Add ORDERMATCH® PLUS to your profile to highlight additional information even better!



Show buyers which machines you use to carry out orders!

Photos with technical information and videos of your production in action are professionally and structured integrated into your profile.



Present your manufacturing competencies!

In this module, you can easily provide the manufacturing processes in which you have know-how.



Provide information about the used software!

Here you can present the programs you use to ensure smooth communication between man and machine.



Proof that you understand your trade!

Certificates are often a binding prerequisite for being considered in RFQs.

Corporate blog

Corporate blog

Inspire buyers with the blog module!

Start the dialogue with buyers and generate attention for your company even before a RFQ.



References are the best way to show your skills!

The integration of a company logo or photos of the workpieces, supplemented by videos and details, can already increase your chances.

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Extensive functions, transparent pricing. As a supplier you can use ORDERMATCH® in the free version free of charge and without risk. If you would like to increase your visibility in the long term, we recommend our ORDERMATCH® PLUS offer.

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Access to all matching RFQs
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Professional microsite with address, company logo, company presentation
Presentation of the machinery with photos / video
Corporate blog to present your competencies and services
Information on the used software, CAD/CAM, etc.
Presentation of your reference components and customers
List of acquired certifications
Indication of your technologies / manufacturing competencies
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