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PENTA-TEC CNC-Automation GmbH

Kundenspezifische Steuerungslösungen
Kundenspezifische Steuerungslösungen
Planning, design and development of electronic equipment
PENTA-TEC CNC-Automation GmbH
Planning, design and development of electronic equipment
They work as mechanical or plant engineering might on a project in which you

-specifically a variant would produce from a complex set of CNC data.
-Depending on which changing parameters mechanical edits would make.
-a very exacting tolerance amount sealant on a component want to bring up.

If such requirements be familiar to you, then you become probably already experience, have that classic CNC controllers from the machine tool sector to either have the required flexibility or but much to are complicated to use.

That's why we offer the development of individual control solutions for such requirements.

Depending on the complexity of the projects, we use different hardware platforms.

We use for simple solutions proprietary CNC controller systems with 3, 4 or 6 axes and various options for the handling of digital and analog I / O BB´s.

We use one of the most modern and efficient PC-based control systems of the company BECKHOFF for more demanding tasks.
So are both inexpensive smaller machine can be implemented as a complex machine control systems via networked production lines to cloud based solutions automation solutions.

Depending on where you stand with your project, or where you need support, we offer the following services:

-Staking out the possibilities and vertices in a free initial consultation.
-Develop a specification with you or Their specialists.
-Creation of the overall concept and requirements specification for the project.
-Selection of suitable sensors, actuators and control technology.
-Implementation and programming of the PLC/CNC Software, as well as the user interface.
Before commissioning/start-up of the plant/machine.
-Assistance in the further optimization or transfer to a series product.

Contact us to see how we can jointly lead your project to success.
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Software for CNC controls
PENTA-TEC CNC-Automation GmbH
Software for CNC controls
CNC technology is used today in many areas where this technique was too expensive a few years ago.

Through State-of-the-art CAD systems, cheap machine components, and the easy availability of high-quality Antriebstechnikist's in the last few years become easier, to create individually tailored high quality CNC machines.
Whether small carpentry or advertising technicians, designers, architects, instrument maker, model maker … increasingly, experts of different disciplines use the CNC technology to implement your ideas.

They often have no time to deal with complex CAM systems and CNC Controls. Because they want to transform your ideas quickly and easily in real, tangible objects.

Exactly for these users, we have developed PENTA-NC, because this CNC machining is as easy as "Word processing".

The PENTA-NC - "All-in-ONE" machine control software includes:
-the basic functionality of a graphics editor.
-powerful 2 ½ D CAM functions
-as well as the user interface of a CNC-control

The geometric information is associatively linked to technology and tool data. As a result, PENTA-NC requires no rigid sequential work order.

For you, this means in practice:
-It changes to tools, technology, geometry data can be made at any time.
-All changes are immediately for further processing on the machine available without lengthy post processor run or data transfer.
-Optimizations are incorporated directly into the production process and are verifiable without delay to the finished component.
-Single components or Assembly can be extracted from complex CNC files with a few clicks of the mouse and made directly.

PENTA-NC was formed and is also the basis for many "project solutions". It is in the a number of "Additional modules" course of time developed.
If necessary, the PENTA-NC basic software can be extended to these special modules.
That means, despite "Standard Software", the interface is easily customizable to your individual needs and a variety of solutions are already available modules realize.

• Functionality for the PENTA-NC please click here
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CNC for cutting machine
PENTA-TEC CNC-Automation GmbH
CNC for cutting machines
A three-axle laboratory device has different demands on the underlying technology as a production unit in a fully automated production line.
In practice, two different systems have proven themselves for the solution of this control tasks.

Easy to medium:
Especially in less complex "stand alone" a clearly defined scope of functions control solution with some I / O BB´s often enough machines.
For such applications, we often employ control solutions based on low-cost CNC controllers of the company EDING CNC from Holland.
The controllers range from the simple 3 axis controller for the laboratory area until the 6-axis controller with several digital and analog I / O meet BB´s, also industrial standards.

Medium to complex requirements:
An application requires E.g. additional auxiliary axes, are also signals of different sensors to process, or particularly high demands on the dynamism and availability provided the plant, we use in industrial control systems of a FA. BECKHOFF.
This industrial PC based controls allow the modular design from a variety of different components from the areas I/O and actuators are connected via EtherCAT.
EtherCAT is one of the most powerful and widespread field bus systems in the world. Thus, additional automation components of thousands of third-party available to stand next to the Beckhoff products.

The advantages for you:
-After analysis of your application we employ exactly the control technology to which best fits your needs.
-Both control systems are fully integrated in the PENTA-NC user interface.
-For the user, therefore, it makes no difference which of the two systems in the background works.

Some of our customers offer therefore a cheap "one dough er engine" based on EDING CNC. Their high end machines, however, are equipped with BECKHOFF system.

• Contact us, tell us your requirements so that we can recommend an appropriate solution.

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