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Intelligent Safety Relays Enhance Ship Safety

December 2018
Author: Pepperl+Fuchs
Company: Pepperl+Fuchs SE
Intelligent Safety Relays Enhance Ship Safety

According to the global transport and logistics insurer TT Club, container ship fires happen every 60 days. Half of these fires start in the engine room, and most of them are caused by pressurized system leaks. However, fires can occur anywhere where there is air, fuel, and heat. When a fire does happen on a vessel, crew members’ lives depend on the speed and reliability of the ship’s alert system.

Pepperl+Fuchs designed its KFD2-RSH series intelligent safety relays for high functionality and easy testing to ensure that signals are reliably transmitted when it is most important. When a ship’s fire detectors identify smoke or heat from a fire, safety relays from Pepperl+Fuchs quickly transmit signals from fire detectors to warning sirens and lights to aide in crew evacuation, fuel pumps to disengage fuel sources, and sprinkler systems to extinguish flames.

Our KFD2-RSH series safety relays enhance signal transmission reliability for both ETS (energized-to-safe) and DTS (de-energized-to-safe) applications. With dual redundancy in a 1oo3 architecture, these safety relays only require one of three contacts to function.

The KFD2-RSH series has integrated diagnostics that quickly detect device faults and faulty circuits. Diagnostics are sent to the control system and can be accessed by users in several ways:

  • via LEDs on the module,
  • as an error message on the power feed module,
  • by evaluating the test pulses from the control system, or
  • on the additional relay output.

Series KFD2-RSH safety relays allow control systems to detect short circuits and lead breakages on the control and field sides without any additional wiring. Each relay is equipped with an input filter that enables the control system to run diagnostics without creating an unintended circuit. This makes it convenient to run device diagnostics and encourages testing at regular intervals. We know lives depend on it.

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