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Interview of Markus Horn and Christian Thönes on the joint gear cutting campaign

November 2022
Author: paulhorn
Company: Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrik Paul Horn GmbH
Interview of Markus Horn and Christian Thönes on the joint gear cutting campaign

HORN and DMG MORI are currently running a joint gear-cutting campaign. What topics does the campaign cover?

Christian Thönes: With this campaign, we want to make it clear that machining can only generate perfect added value for the customer from the holistic interaction of machine, precision tool and process. This is particularly evident in the top class of gear machining. As a worldwide leading manufacturer of high-precision machine tools, we are therefore pleased to have Paul Horn GmbH at our side as a partner who has mastered the profession of cutting material and tool development as well as tool making.

Markus Horn: The campaign is intended to illustrate the performance of the joint solutions: the combination of machine, cycle and tool and what added value this means for users. A big advantage is that many existing machines can be adapted to individual processes. Then the corresponding tooling solution can flow in. DMG MORI is a powerful and globally active partner with whom we can optimally solve customer requirements in this demanding area of machining.

Who are you addressing with the campaign?

Markus Horn: With the different gear solutions, we address users who are already active in the field of gear cutting or who want to be active in the future. The most diverse tooth profiles can be produced extremely economically with the right machine-cycle-tool combination. We see ourselves as partners in the development of new manufacturing strategies. The design of a tool also includes the definition of the machining parameters and the settings on the machine tool, which are supplied by us when the tool is handed over. The preparation of the gear cutting tools is crucial when considering cost-per-part.

Christian Thönes: Our range for gear cutting is so far-reaching and quality-oriented that basically all users are addressed. In metal-cutting workshops and job shops, gear cutting is gaining an increasingly strategic dimension because they are diversifying their range of services in this high-end area. But also specialised gear manufacturers know how to use the flexibility of gear cutting on universal machines for small and medium batch sizes down to individual parts. This allows them to flexibly absorb production peaks, repair defective gears quickly or produce a gear "on the spur of the moment". Above all, they appreciate the gear quality of ≥ 7 when hobbing with our gearSKIVING technology cycle or even ≥ 5 with gearMILL. This is comparable to the quality obtained using special machines, but with faster process times, for example at our mutual customer Mönninghoff in Bochum, Germany, which takes advantage of gearSKIVING.

What are the advantages for users?

Christian Thönes: Synchronisation of axis movements on universal machines with universal tools reduces investment and operating costs and equally increases the number of degrees of freedom and flexibility in delivery. In each individual case, it is also true that complete machining shortens the process chain, thus reducing throughput times and the in-house logistics effort.

Markus Horn: Our joint customers have the advantage of being able to fall back on these technologies as well as in-depth gear-cutting know-how – be it on the machine side or the tool side. Gear cutting on universal machines is becoming more and more common. This gives users increasing flexibility and allows them to carry out work in-house that was previously outsourced.

What role do technology cycles play?

Christian Thönes: There is probably no application that benefits as holistically from our many years of expertise in technology cycles as gear cutting. Since 2010, DMG MORI technology cycles have guided the user through conversational programming. As a result, entering just a few gear parameters leads almost automatically to the perfect NC program. This usually saves 60 percent of the time in digital preparation. Depending on the gear, different technology cycles are used. gearSKIVING offers the widest field of application for skiving internal and external gears up to module 11. We have realised large bearing rings up to 3,000 mm (118") in diameter at SKF in the USA. In contrast, gearMILL enables gear milling of large gears and modules larger than 3 with standard tools, virtually without limit. And gearBROACHING is ideal for workpieces with interference contours up to module 4.

Markus Horn: Technology cycles enable users to implement processes, such as the different types of gear production, in a relatively uncomplicated way. Of course, in most cases there is an application engineer on site who optimally adapts the tool to the application. In addition to the cycles, the machine, tool, workpiece and workholding also play a central role. It is important to keep an eye on the entire process.

What do the associated tooling solutions look like?

Markus Horn: The tools are, depending on the process and the task, standard solutions or often also bespoke special tools. For grooving, either single-edge inserts or multi-edge inserts are used, which engage with the workpiece directly in matching holders via the spindle or using driven tools - so-called grooving attachments. In gear milling, these are usually solid carbide cutters, or else cyclo-palloid cutters with interchangeable inserts. In gear skiving, tools are solid carbide for smaller modules, while for larger modules they are bodies fitted with interchangeable inserts.

Christian Thönes: The range includes, among other things, high-performance tools and interchangeable insert systems for gearSKIVING or high-precision broaching tools for gearBROACHING. The team of experts at HORN examines a customer enquiry within three working days and then implements even task-specific tools within a few weeks.

Where and how can one see these solutions demonstrated?

Christian Thönes: The DMG MORI Technology and Service Centers as well as all our production plants are available to customers at all times. Moreover, gear cutting on universal machines in particular was a hot topic during the DMG MORI in-house exhibition in Pfronten and will remain so until the national autumn trade fairs this year.

Markus Horn: The next opportunity to experience our joint solutions live is at AMB in Stuttgart. There we will show gear cutting on a DMC 65 FD H monoBLOCK as well as different milling operations on a DMU 75 monoBLOCK on our stand in Hall 1. In addition, the processes are also running in our demonstration centre.

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