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Horn Blog

The 220 cartridge system

September 2020
Author: paulhorn
Company: Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrik Paul Horn GmbH
The 220 cartridge system

Paul Horn GmbH is expanding its 220 cartridge system to cover virtually all insert types in the tool portfolio. All cartridges can be clamped directly and quickly in universal holders. The system’s T-shaped interface offers a high level of precision when changing cartridges. In addition, the T-shape ensures a stable interface between the holder and the cartridge. All variants feature an internal coolant supply. The coolant jet is emitted directly from the clamping finger and support. This ensures that cooling is targeted at the cutting zone during use. The upper opening of the internal coolant supply can be shut off with a screw. The coolant is transferred between the holder and the cartridge via the interface.

Horn offers radial grooving cartridges for the following insert types: S100, S224, S229, S274, 34T, 312, S315, S316 plus the S64T six-edged grooving insert. For axial grooving, the cartridges are designed for the S25, S224 and S229 systems. The highly versatile grooving system supports a large number of groove widths, groove depths and parting-off operations, as well as substrates and coatings tailored to the material concerned. Users can select the holders according to the type of machine interface required. Horn offers the holders in square or round shank as well as TS, HSK and polygon interface versions.

In the case of small and medium batches, the modularity of the tool systems plays a vital role in enabling the flexible and productive use of tools. The systems described here can be easily set up and flexibly integrated in the working area. The aim is to reduce set-up times significantly during tool change while making the machine more efficient. With its modular tool systems, Horn is able to unlock precisely these possibilities. The system can be used on single-spindle lathes and multi-spindle autos alike. The process of changing the cartridges is user-friendly and precise.

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