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Pibomulti SA
Route Jambe-Ducommun 18
2400 Le Locle
+41 32 933 06 33
+41 32 933 06 30

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 25 categories

Machine tools
Drilling machines
Transfer machines and machining units
Parts and components
Machine accessories
Precision tools & clamping technology
Cutting tools
Tooling devices
Tooling systems
Clamping devices

About us

PIBOMULTI, founded in 1979, has enjoyed continuous growth and now counts over 100 highly skilled people in our employ ! We are specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of multispindle heads, right angle and adjustable angle heads, turret heads and spindle speed multipliers. Our products are designed to stand up to the rigors of high production as well as the demands of die and mould making. Our turret heads and multispindle heads, in particular, can reduce the multiple clamping required for all sizes of intricate parts. All of the PIBOMULTI products are designed with the latest technology in mind and are of the highest quality available. PIBOMULTI provides the answers for increased productivity in your operations. Our products can be engineered to fit transfer machines, special machines, machining centers and lathes of all sorts and sizes.

Machine tool builders around the world have placed their trust and reputation on PIBOMULTI accessories of their machines. Our tools have been utilized in all kinds of industry - as miniature as watchmaking and as large as hipbuilding! We have enjoyed a very strong relationship with the automaking industry in particular. Large Industrial Groups or small shops - all of our customers have remained loyal to PIBOMULTI over the years and have learned to trust that quality, delivery and service are the hallmarks of our company.

Physical Plant and Equipment
PIBOMULTI produces ninety percent of our entire production on site in our own facilities. Only the necessary heat treating of components is out-sourced to other firms. With this method of production we are able to uarantee flexibility in our production schedule and maintain the exacting delivery schedules and level of quality that our customers demand and expect. We have acquired and maintain a large inventory of modern, first class machine tools in our production facilities. These machine tools along with our highly skilled and qualified staff of toolmakers and tool ngineers have enabled PIBOMULTI to become regarded as being among the first rank of manufacturers in the driven tool industry.

Environmental policy
From an environmental point of view, Pibomulti is thinking about the future, offering customers a 99.9% recyclable production and a strict waste and resource management policy.
Pibomulti follows the desire of the Federal Government of Switzerland for a more "green" transition of its industry and combines this with a production of very high quality.
Pibomulti has thus always gave a great attention to combine economic development with respect of the environment as well as possible, in order never to jeopardize the future of generations to come in order to promote economic growth.

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