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Roller finishing and deep rolling machine buy

Smooth rolling is a forming process for creating mirror-smooth surfaces or ones with a defined surface structure. The process is used when a high surface quality has been stipulated for a metal component, or the desired surface quality cannot be achieved in a dependable process by metal-cutting, e.g. in the case of flange bearing end surfaces at crankshafts after precision turning and subsequent smooth rolling, taking due account of the length references stipulated. Compacting is a forming process for beneficially influencing the boundary zone characteristics of a component. The process scores in terms of being the only mechanical process for increasing the component’s useful lifetime that smooths its surface, induces residual compressive stresses and also produces a strain hardening of the boundary layers. This process is an obvious choice for those components in particular that under operational conditions are subjected to dynamic stress and may accordingly be destroyed by material fatigue. For a series process, care must therefore be taken here to strictly comply with predefined machining parameters (compacting force, feed, etc.).Search for specific products from 6624 suppliers