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Pooling expertise and using synergies

Collaboration with G-Tec Consulting & Engineering

Collaboration with G-Tec Consulting & Engineering GmbH has enhanced the PROXIA Software AG consultancy portfolio.

Through its collaboration with G-Tec Consulting & Engineering GmbH, PROXIA Software AG has enhanced its portfolio in the areas of ERP, supply chain and holistic corporate consultancy. Working for medium-sized production companies as professional consultants in strategic development and process optimisation in terms of digitising business processes, G-Tec Consulting & Engineering is the right partner to help meet PROXIA's strategic objectives: Expert holistic consultancy, a range of high-quality Industry 4.0 MES software products, coupled with PROXIA’s unrivaled industry expertise in the production industry, to provide companies with the success they are looking for - a smart factory through a lean management approach.

PROXIA has set itself the goal of supporting its clients as fully as possible through classic consulting in holistic consultancy projects, in advance of any MES or process consultancy project. In order to implement this holistic approach, PROXIA has decided to utilise synergies in the future through an active partnership with G-Tec Consulting & Engineering GmbH, and to combine the strengths of both companies. Added value for the client: Holistic consultancy in ERP, logistics and supply chain, as well as the production environment, coupled with the necessary implementation skills in both project management and with strong MES software products.

Our partner: G-Tec Consulting & Engineering GmbH – the company:

High-performance consultancy for SMEs and large corporations in the digital age
G-Tec's corporate consultancy, with a wealth of experience gained since 2000, works with this aim in mind. G-Tec supports, empowers and assists companies and managers on the way into the digital age. Our methodologies include key innovation and management methods: From lean management to business model generation, through to human-centered design, while management expertise covers the interim, project management and coaching. Whether it’s a change in strategy, lean methods or the introduction of certified management systems, G-Tec will always show you the right way with its industry expertise in mechanical and plant engineering, or the automotive and aerospace sector. G-Tec not only provides a wide range of expertise in management methods, but also supports companies in the key segment of IT management. Alongside structural consultancy and services such as maintenance and repair, cloud management and data centre capacity can also be provided. In order to provide solutions, G-Tec works actively with strong companies such as Proxia, a software company for MES solutions. G-Tec sees collaboration with top companies in the respective industry as a key component in retaining and enhancing implementation expertise. This is also essential for R&D to further develop the company through its own continuous improvement process, as companies rightly demand tailored consultancy that puts them at the forefront of development.

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