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Reiden Technik Blog

Spindle Bearing Monitoring System VSE100

January 2019
Author: Reiden Technik
Company: Reiden Technik AG
Spindle Bearing Monitoring System VSE100

New option for the following spindle variants:

  • REIDEN spindle HSK63 DDT
  • REIDEN spindle HSK63 Standard spindle
  • KESSLER spindle HSK100
  • REIDEN spindle HSK100 DDT v2

This option has the following advantages:

  • Preventive protection by 3 vibration sensors on the milling spindle.
  • Machine protection by rapid switch-off when a certain vibration acceleration is exceeded (collision protection limit).
  • Alarm output if a certain vibration velocity is exceeded in the milling process (vibration load).
  • By reference run (every 40 hours) Analysis of the front and rear spindle bearings for wear and unbalance