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Rix Corporation


Rix Corporation
1321-7 Ueki Sue-Machi Kasuya-Gun
811-2112 Fukuoka
+81 92 935-8773
+81 92 936-2815

Route planner

Route planner

Service Spectrum: Represented in 4 categories

Parts and components
Mechanical components
High speed spindles
Hydraulic and pneumatic components
Rotary unions
Safety and environment
Water treatment, plants and components
Oil separation, oil mist separation

About us

We, Rix Corporation shall resolve the client issues with more specialized viewpoint, and contribute in the development of industrial circle of 21st century as a supplier of product & services of Business solutions.

It is never be the exaggeration to say that the outstanding advances in today`s business in the industrial field are revolutionary. Especially, those speeding–up innovations brought by I.T., (Information Technology) revolution, the trends in globalization of business, as well as the approaches for protecting the global environment all are making drastic changes, and it has become a crucial point for most companies to handle these changed.

For instance, many new business models have been created in the E-Business through the Internet and it has greatly changed the way of existing business. Rix has served a big contribution as a trading company/intermediator between clients (Users) and manufacturers for many years. At present, this role of trading companies is drastically changing with the advent of internet. A mere intermediary does not create value add to client. Rix has corresponded to such times so far. It is the business category as “Manufacturer Trading Company” of client oriented type which is an organic combination of four functions such as sales, technology, production and services, and can promptly and accurately respond to the clients need.

At present, as the generation is changing significantly, we are also about to undergo with the drastic change. Rix actively utilizes the information technology towards the issues faced by clients, to resolve from the more specialized viewpoint, and will contribute in developing the industrial field of 21st century as a supplier of product and services of Business solutions to speedily and precisely provide the products & services which meet customer needs.