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Clamping and gripping technology in the Champions’ League

The large numbers of visitors, and enthusiastic comments from the trade public,  send out a clear message – the clamping and gripping solutions presented by RÖHM on the occasion of the EMO trade fair in Hanover show that the company plays in the international Champions’ League.

RÖHM exhibited its most recent product developments on an area of 250 square metres. These included the innovative Lubritool lubrication system, which actually proved successful against numerous contenders in winning the MM Award of the trade journal  Maschinenmarkt. The innovation makes it possible for clamping sets in machine tools to be serviced within seconds, rather than taking minutes as in the past.

RÖHM’s other products all made an equally convincing impression. Like the most  intelligent clamping system in Germany, for instance, which opens up completely new possibilities in workpiece clamping and beyond. It supports the registration of clamping force during rotation and in the course of machining, as well as registering status data and providing proactive maintenance, so building bridges to the highly topical theme of Industry 4.0.

A high degree of innovation was also shown by RÖHM’s ‘drone gripper’. This makes it possible for drones, which are becoming more popular all the time, to grip, move and release objects automatically. ‘A market with enormous prospects for growth,’ was RÖHM’s comment.

In addition, industrial solutions for railways and for the oil and gas industries were on view, as also was an all-round package for the machining of artificial hip and hip socket implants – a market that is steadily growing in importance, in view of increasing life expectations.

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