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Individual clamping jaws in five workdays

With the web2product configurator, Röhm guarantees the manufacture of customer-specific clamping jaws within five workdays. Customers configure the clamping jaws online and follow the configuration progress in real time on the screen. Markus Nusser, Product Manager Power Clamping Technology: "Until now, making customer-specific clamping jaws took a great deal of work and time. Time-consuming processes in the design and in preparing the offer had to be completed. With Röhm web2product, these obstacles are all eliminated."

No resources at all are required from the customer side to adapt the jaws. The jaws can be mounted on the chuck immediately and production can start.

With this unique solution, the flow of the order is networked and coordinated in terms of Industry 4.0 from the configuration to delivery.

Currently top jaws with serration and tongue and groove are available as products. Starting there, the dimensions (length, width, height, groove width, and so on) can be easily selected. Even optional holes, weight relief such as bevels or steps up to customer-specific clamping diameters can be added to the jaws. The price of the clamping jaws is shown in real time in the process. That means the proposal process is eliminated completely, and the jaws can be ordered immediately.

All the steps of the configuration are logically matched. RÖHM web2product guides the customer through the configuration in order to make the process as easy as possible.

"Thanks to the new online configurator, we can treat individual products as standardised," says Markus Nusser as he gets to the crux of the matter. Naturally, the possible range of jaws is not limited to Röhm chucks, rather jaws for chucks from competitors can also be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively.

There are many ways to place the order: Either it is possible to login via an e-mail address and password (a one-time registration is required for this), or a guest order can be placed. Naturally, existing Röhm customers are given their respective conditions for their orders after the registration.

"We are delighted to be able to use our online configurators to reduce the amount of work and time from several weeks to a few days, and we are sure that this unique solution will generate high demand in a time-critical market environment. Ultimately, no one in the industry can afford to wait longer than absolutely necessary for his products," says Markus Nusser.

Röhm grants a money-back guarantee and refunds the purchase price if the clamping jaws are not ready to ship within five workdays.

The product configurator can be found at www.web2product.biz

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