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The new vices from RÖHM

As a specialist for clamping and gripping technology, RÖHM is constantly expanding its product range and adapting existing products to changing market requirements. Hence, two variations of vice classics were reissued.

“Demand for a manually actuated NC compact vice was increasing more and more,” says Fabian Neumaier, the responsible product manager at RÖHM. “Our customers want to delicately and reliably clamp workpieces that are sensitive to deformation, because there are enough machining situations in which there is no need for power intensification,” The RKE-M meets exactly these requirements. In addition, there is RÖHM’s typical long service life and its attractive price. “Our customers are used to a long service life from our products, and we offer exactly that with the RKE-M. Specifically, there is a distinctively, low-wear build-up of force via a mechanical spindle guide,” adds Neumaier.

The RKE-M NC compact vice was built modularly. Hence, a vertical clamping process is possible in addition to the base and side clamping process, for example as a Duo or Quattro clamping tower in combination with the respective base plate.

The RZM NC centric vice in the new jaw width of 92 is also very convincing with its long service life. The RZM plays its trump in particular with 5-axis machining.
It prevails with its high set jaws, high repeatability and a compact and stable design.  Without any additional substructures or special jaws, the 5-axis centric clamping unit holds the workpiece securely with a minimum interference contour. "This quasi-telescopic arrangement makes it possible to realise a long jaw guidance length without placing any significant limits on the 5-axis processing." When completely open, the RZM has hardly any interference contours, and the spindle is replaceable,” says Neumaier.

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