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Römheld GmbH Friedrichshütte
Pneumatic components, controls and accessories

Pneumatic swing clamps

140 - 1400 N
8 - 25 mm
20 - 63 mm
7 - 18 mm
7 bar
Pneumatic swing clamps are used for applications which require only low clamping forces. The installed magnetic piston allows monitoring of clamping and unclamping position.

When pressurising the element, the clamping arm swings and lowers by 90° to the clamping position and then lowers to the clamping point. The position monitoring gives the required information regarding the position of the piston, but not regarding the position of the clamping arm. Monitoring is made by electronic sensors which detect the magnetic field of the magnetic piston. The switching points can be continuously adjusted by displacement of the magnetic sensors.
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Pneumatik-Schwenkspanner mit Verriegelung
Pneumatik-Schwenkspanner mit Verriegelung
Pneumatic component, control and accessory
Römheld GmbH Friedrichshütte
Pneumatic components, controls and accessories
2 bis 6 bar
200 bis 600 N
Pneumatic swing clamps with locking mechanism maintain clamping force
- in the event of a pressure drop in the pneumatic line;
- if the supply line of a pneumatic clamping device has to be uncoupled in the clamped state, e.g. for clamping pallets.

Top flange
Pneumatic release control optional
Adjustable swivel speed
robust swivel mechanism
automatic locking in the clamping range
No loss of clamping force during uncoupling

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