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SARTORIUS Werkzeuge Products
H. Sartorius Nachf. GmbH & Co. KG
Oil separation, oil mist separation

SARA® Emulsionspflegewagen

Pollution of coolants during production by foreign oils or solids are unavoidable.
With the Sartorius maintenance facility EPW550 emulsions or solutions are during the production run optimally cleaned and maintained. The downtime be increased this to a multiple and disposal costs reduced to a minimum.
Typical areas of application are lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, parts washers & quenching tank.
Cooling lubricants are subject to a strong pollution on wet machining machine tools. Externally-mounted hydraulic oils, bed rail oils and fats are deposited on the surface of the emulsion and prevent vital oxygen exchange at a high concentration.
So the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi which decompose the cooling lubricant is formed in conjunction with floating up and deposited solids.
A continuous maintenance through regular removal of this pollution significantly prolongs the life of the cooling lubricant and reduces disposal costs.
The Sartorius service system EPW550 sucks off a mixture of oils and solids from the emulsion surface. This mixture is in the maintenance system separated, returned the purified emulsion in the machine tool and the secluded oil in a separate waste container.
The emulsion and oil separation is carried out in a purely physical way so gently, that the emulsion not by slingshots o. ä. will be negatively affected. Floating and where foreign oil be deposited up to 97%. The emulsion care happens without personnel while the machine is working. There be no downtime.

-removed foreign oils and solids simultaneously
-works automatically in the bypass procedure without the use of personnel
-prevents odor and infection risk
-extends the life of lubricants and tools
-Reduction of waste disposal costs
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SARA Emulsionsnebelabscheider Ultra-Eco compact
SARA Emulsionsnebelabscheider Ultra-Eco compact
Oil separation, oil mist separation
H. Sartorius Nachf. GmbH & Co. KG
Oil separation, oil mist separation
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